Learning Opportunities in Peace and Development

Each semester, Webster University Geneva offers a broad range of courses that relate to the domain of Peace and Development, from courses in Human Rights, Political Science and History to Art Appreciation, Psychology and Health Care.

Webster Geneva faculty also bring a range of expertise with interdisciplinary perspectives, and are able to lead courses for groups of students who are interested in themes such as:

  • Writing for Peace (Peace Journalism)
  • Art Appreciation: The Arts of Peace in the MENA Region
  • Conflict and Peacebuilding (with emphasis on MENA or the Caucasus, etc)
  • NGOs and Peacebuilding
  • Psychology of Peacemaking
  • Health Care: Mental Health Challenges in Conflict Zones

Attestations of Learning

The MENA Center encourages Webster students to pursue a series of courses related to these themes, and will provide an attestation (in the form of a Certificate of Completion) for students who complete a series of four courses (12 credits) from among a cluster of courses offered, as well as a research paper on an approved theme of their choice.

Study Abroad in Geneva

The MENA Center also proposes a semester experience for visiting students from other universities, whereby students can engage with faculty advisors to pursue a set of courses that earn an attestation which certifies learning around these topics, while earning transferable credits back to their home campus. Our goal is to pilot a semester abroad experience for visiting students in 2021.

Non-credit courses

Based on growing interest, the Center may also launch short-course training under the umbrella of Continuing Education (formation continue).

To learn more and express your interest, contact us.